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Posted on 28 January, 2020 at 23:25

Hi guys, you know we just had Christmas which probably left a hole in most people’s budgets and doesn’t leave a lot of spare cash when it comes to driving lessons. So for February, we would like to offer all sessions booked and paid for before the end February for up to 20% less than our website prices.

And whats more, any sessions booked up to June 30, 2020, but paid for before February 29, WILL ALSO GET THE DISCOUNT!

Our popular Six Pack and Ten Pack's are both $50 cheaper, which works out to a free lesson per pack!

For out Supervisor Services, where you use your own roadworthy car, this means a whopping $100 off our big ticket pack. The Super 10 Pack and the Super 20 Packs, are normally $400 and $700, but for February, they can be got for $350 and $600 respectively!!

Even the littler packs still have up to 20% Discount applied, so you will save this month!

But you must must must use the Codeword ‘SUZI ROCKS!’ when you book your lessons before  Feb 29. ‘Suzi Rocks!’ will save you $, as we are celebrating our brand new Suzuki Swift which will soon be getting you on the road and accumulating those hours for your P1 assessment.

You must contact us on 0414 749 626, call or text,

or email [email protected]

And don’t forget – SUZI ROCKS!




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