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What IS Keys 2 Drive?

Thanks for asking!

Keys 2 Drive has been around for about ten years and has statistically proven its worth with a noticeable reduction in the incidence of casualty crashes for P Plate drivers in their first six months of solo driving.

K2D is a concept of driver instruction which is less about 'do as I say', and more about 'Find Your Own Way'.  

It is a proactive system which encourages learners to take a hand in their own learning process of self supervising,  self assessing and self instructing.  Supervisors and Driving Instructors can add value as a qualified resource to be mined by the learner.

For more detailed information about this excellent learning system, or to apply for the free lesson please visit Keys 2 Drive.

A Keys 2 Drive Free Lesson is funded by the Federal Government of Australia in conjunction with the Automobile Association of Australia and has a defined target of  preserving the lives of young Australian motorists that have just got their 'P's'  

'6 Months - Zero Harm'