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For information relating to obtaining your driver's license, Services Tasmania which administers the testing and issuing of licenses in Tasmania has lots of information at their website.  I have dug out s few links to point you in the right direction.

  For general information, click here.   There's stuff on license classes, conditions attached to licenses, making sure you carry your license at all times when driving and licenses for driving cars with an automatic gearbox.  There is also information for older drivers, and being assessed as being fit to drive.

For current information on getting a license,  This covers car licenses for Novice and Mature drivers, different classes of license, including trucks and buses etc.  If you are thinking of becoming a Driving Instructor, there is a link in here for that too.
 Services Tasmania website has a ton of information  for Novice Learners through P1 and P2.

Service Tasmania, and the Department of Transport have made a series of videos which make the Tasmanian Road Rules very clear.   I highly recommend watching them all, more than once.

They are also available in Hazaragi, Mandarin, Nepali and Oromo languages 

The Tasmanian Road Rules are available online and you can also do the Car Drivers Knowledge Practice Test.